Anal Fuck Fest

Proxy comes to us wanting to be fucked hard and bound tight. We oblige her for the entire day with inescapable bondage and brutal fucking in every hole this whore has. She is bound squatting and is throat fucked with her head against a wall. Next she is put into a strappado, her hands pulled tight and her neck bound to the wall to prevent movement. The fucking begins and her body is becoming exhausted already. She is bound in a pile driver with her knees around her head and her ass is up and exposed to be penetrated. After attempting to fist her, he grows bored and starts fucking her in her stretched ass, leaving her there to watch defenselessly. Thinking that her body can take no more, she is made to do all of the work as she is put in several different positions riding cock.

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Porcelain Doll is Broken

This new comer gives us her first ever hardcore sex and bondage scene. We are getting lucky to have all of these first timers, and we know exactly what to do with them. Alani is a tough slut, that loves to be fucked in her tight ass, and when Maestro is finished with her it’s gaping. She is put in brutal bondage and endures the sadistic torment of Maestro in every scene. When the day is finished Alani barely knows her own name from being fucked so hard and experiencing extreme anal orgasms.

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Latin Whore Fucked Hard

Lyla is as big of a whore as they come, and she is sadistically fucked and brutalized all day. She starts in an inverted suspension, wearing a straight jacket, and gets face fucked harder than she has ever been before. Mr. Mod takes pictures to show her the progress of her destruction throughout the day. She is then bent over a crate and fucked fast and hard before he flips her over, adds a spreader, and continues to brutally fuck her cunt. The last scene she is made to do all of the work as she rides his cock furiously trying to satisfy Mr. Mod.

First Timer Takes Cock Like a Pro

Sahara Rain comes to us with an offering to do her first ever boy/girl scene. She tells us how kinky she is and how she loves to be tied, beaten, and fucked. We take her up on the offer and she delivers everything and more. She is bound on her knees with her head tied tightly to prevent her from moving while she is getting face fucked. One position after the next she proves that truly is a masochistic slut, who loves all aspects of BDSM. This cock hungry whore can’t get enough.

The Torment of O

Odile has picked her name from the legendary o, from The Story of O. She fancies herself a true submissive slave, and we can’t wait to put her to the test. She has studied as much as she can to become the perfect slave, but finds out quickly that we prefer a captive whore over a slave any day. She is put in strenuous bondage and made to endure brutal torment all day. Maestro pounds this slave slut in every hole turning her in to nothing more than a cock receptacle for him to use as he wishes.

Sneaking Around

Audrey is a dirty little slut, who wants to explore an abandoned warehouse. Maestro convinces her to act on her fantasy and they both sneak in. She doesn’t know that he has already been in and set up some fun surprises for her. He hand cuffs her and has his way with her, then hand cuffs her to the wall and begins the day long fuck-a-thon. She is tormented through out the day all while being made to suck cock and and be brutally fucked. By the end of the day, she has truly been put in touch with her masochistic side.

Finding Out the Hard Way

Alice has gone out of here way to flirt with her neighbor trying to get him to notice her. He finally acknowledges her and they decide to go on a date. What she didn’t know about him is that he is a very sadistic man who will derive great pleasure from her suffering. Her rips her clothes off and gives her a taste of what is in store for her. The rest of the ‘date’ evolves heavy bondage, brutal fucking, and lots of corporal punishment.

Silly Slave Girl

Bella is tied to a chair and made to suck her master’s cock. She is throat fucked and slapped around, then he makes good use of her massive tits by fucking them as well. She is then bound with her legs spread wide against a wall, fully exposed for him to use her. She struggles, but he gets what he came for. Next she is suspended so that he can have access to all of her holes. The final scene she is face down and her ass in the air for a brutal fucking that slowly moves the box across the floor from the extreme pounding.

Cherry on the bottom

Cherry is not new to BDSM, nor subbing to Maestro, but what happens today definitely not what she is used to. She is dragged in in chains and aggressively manhandled. She is spanked, caned and made to suck cock just to start. She is thrown to the floor and teased with cock, but not given what she so desperately needs. She is then bound by her tits to the bed, on her knees, and brutally fucked. In a hogtie suspension she is again punished and fucked to the point of pure exhaustion. To finish, she is on her back, legs spread wide and tormented with pegs all over her body while being fucked one last time.

Breaking in the Newcomer

Romona likes kinky sex, but has never taken it this far before. This is her first boy/girl shoot ever and Maestro shows her how sadistic he can be. Her nervousness is evident as we start adding rope, and everyone is waiting to see if she can take what we have in store for her. Maestro enter, reddens her body with his flogger and samples her wet pussy. She is then bound to a chair so that her fave can be fucked properly. She is then suspended with her legs spread wide exposing her pussy. To finish the day, Maestro drags her to a bed where he fucks her in to oblivion and leaves her there covered in cum.

Simply Inescapable

With a single metal collar, chain and 2 padlocks you can have a beautiful girl in inescapable bondage. She may be able to move, her hands may even be free but she can’t go anywhere and must follow every command. Dressed in a latex spanking dress and gloves Arachnia is a true submissive waiting to please her Master by taking punishment and giving him sexual satisfaction. Some initial lashing and blowjob training display Arachnia’s enthusiasm so she is stripped and suspended with hemp rope for more cock sucking, hard fucking and forced orgasms. She begs for her Master’s cum on her face and is rewarded for being a good, submissive slut!

Face Fucked Bitch

An obedient slut deserves to be rewarded. Beautiful Eva Angelina loves bondage and S&M and will do whatever it takes to earn a nice hard cock deep in her pussy while bound… but first, her mouth must be trained. She is fed strawberries to practice her oral skills and once satisfactory Master Chris Cannon wastes no time in fucking her face for his pleasure. Eva begs for tight suspension bondage and lashing and is given her request before being bound spread-legged and fucked hard while ball gagged. In doggy position, her cunt is pounded before her Master cums all over her pretty face.

The Caged Bitch

Beautiful submissive Lorelei Lee and natural Dominant Otto Bauer bring non stop spanking, fucking and deep throat training in this very intense update. Lorelei’s ass is red before she is even stripped and Otto wastes no time in making full use of her holes while she is bound in tight bondage. The sex is rough, the bondage is tight and the orgasms are hard. Plenty of brutal blowjob training and anal fucking make Lorelei one happy slut.

The Happy Hooker

Street hooker Ava Devine has once again been arrested for soliciting by Officer Lockwood. Handcuffed in a hogtie on the floor, Ava is no match for the sexual surrender Kurt will rip from her mouth, cunt and ass. Her clothing is torn from her body and her holes are fucked one at a time in various difficult bondage positions. Plenty of ass spanking and face slapping keep Ava disciplined during this rough fetish sex roleplay scene.

The Anal Training

Genuine slave and Master couple Nikki and God of Fuck take us into their dirty boiler room for some strict bondage, hard anal fucking and verbal degradation. To prepare slave Nikki’s ass a huge flashlight is shoved inside and then turned on for her Master’s amusement. Her tits are tied tight and her face is fucked deep throat style. She gags but obediently does the best she can. Lastly, in nothing but simple shackles Nikki is taken from behind for the hardest, roughest anal fuck we have ever seen!