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Faultlessly Obedient

Satine has been fantasizing about submitting to TJ for a long time. Her eagerness to please and faultless obedience make her the perfect subject to be fucked and bound. Her nipples are exposed and clamped, and she is lead around by the chain. After a firm flogging, Satine begs for cock and must reach for […]

Begging And Denial

Maria Bellucci has come all the way from Hungary to try out kinky bondage sex at the hands of a skilled Dominant. Kurt wastes no time in tying her hands up above her head and whipping her pretty tits and ass. Maria moans through the ball gag and begs for sex, but she is denied. […]

Lifestyle Submissive

Lifestyle submissive Charlotte Vale enjoys being flogged, manhandled and fucked hard while in tight bondage so TJ breaks out the rope and we give her exactly that. Her round ass is whipped and spanked increasingly hard until bright red. Charlotte begs to be able to please her Master and obediently sucks cock when on her […]