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Earning Cock

The chemistry between new-comer Syndee Jennings and Master Sascha is undeniable. Syndee is willing to take as much pain as possible to earn her Master’s cock and her day begins with a super tight hogtie where she must prove her blowjob skills are sufficient. Later, balancing on a podium, her tits and pussy are clamped […]

Taking Over The Mind

Busty, blond Krissy Lynn needs a lesson in manners. Derrick ties her up in the boiler room, strips her, teaches her how to suck cock, clamps her pussy and electrifies her thighs! It isn’t long before Krissy’s pleading for him to stop turns into her begging him for more! Once the bondage fucking and forced […]

Intense Anal Fucking

Why is there a sexy French spy in Germany? Sascha’s plans to find out through any means necessary as he strips, manhandles and fucks Parisian beauty Cecilia Vega in this very intense interrogation themed BDSM scene. Through electro-shock questioning techniques to deep throat oral sex, Cecilia begins to break. Once there is cock fucking her […]

Square Peg, Round Hole!

Satine and Derrick show off their amazing BDSM chemistry in this hot Fucked and Bound scene including bondage blowjobs, hard fucking, paddling, clothespins on tits and pussy as well as plenty of gags… even a square one!