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Sneaking Around

Audrey is a dirty little slut, who wants to explore an abandoned warehouse. Maestro convinces her to act on her fantasy and they both sneak in. She doesn’t know that he has already been in and set up some fun surprises for her. He hand cuffs her and has his way with her, then hand […]

Finding Out the Hard Way

Alice has gone out of here way to flirt with her neighbor trying to get him to notice her. He finally acknowledges her and they decide to go on a date. What she didn’t know about him is that he is a very sadistic man who will derive great pleasure from her suffering. Her rips […]

Silly Slave Girl

Bella is tied to a chair and made to suck her master’s cock. She is throat fucked and slapped around, then he makes good use of her massive tits by fucking them as well. She is then bound with her legs spread wide against a wall, fully exposed for him to use her. She struggles, […]